Estonian Road Cluster

In the beginning of 2013, the Estonian Road Cluster was set up with the Estonian Asphalt Pavement Association non-profit association,
uniting different parties of the road construction supply chain – from design and construction to materials suppliers, education and research institutions and professional organisations.

The outcome of the Cluster activities is envisioned to have a direct positive impact on the Estonian economic development as substantial and innovative activities in the road construction sector would create opportunities for other areas of activities, sus tainable and clean
solutions would curb the CO2 emissions and help to promote Estonia’s image as a country of innovation.
The Estonian Road Cluster aims to enhance the competitiveness of the companies through innovative solutions as well as to establish a competence centre for the road construction sector that would combine best practices and know-how of the industry.
There are 20 partners in the Estonian Road Cluster. These companies are important players in road industry and they are ready to become your trustworthy partners.
Sven Pertens
Chairman of the Board
Estonian Asphalt
Pavement Association

Road Cluster members: